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March 23, 2006



Some of these hardliners are an absolute joke.

but, I do believe that everything in this world is sent from above. Including birdflu and, for that matter, birdflu in Gaza and Israel. Who knows what the purpose of the killer disease may be? I certainly can offer no answers. But, if it forces hamas to deal with Israel on this issue gping forward and thus forces Hamas to offer Israel some form of recognition, it might be a good thing.

James Clark


Yes, the existence of the Judeo-Christian god would imply that everything happens in accordance with its will.

...Which is one of the reasons I find the notion of the Judeo-Christian god inconsistent with Judeo-Christian teachings and thus an inconsistent hypothesis over all.



Well there's always the answer that although everything that happens is according to His will, its something that none of us can understand.

There are too many variables for humans to even try and postulate reasons causing some event.

But I do see your point. Its even more confusing on an individual level because there is freedom of choice. (Although that itself is confusing because its limited by both nature and nurture.)

So if someone commits a crime he does it because it was his will...or Gods will? If God doesnt will someone to be killed, does that restrict another persons free will if he tries to kill the first person?


James, I am interested which Judeo-Christian teachings you refer to.

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