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February 12, 2006



What I find most interesting is the "false" Soviet intelligence given to Egypt to make them think Israeli forces were ammassing in the Sinai...


You should demand a right of reply to the sunday sun and turn this into an article.

well done.


Closing the straights of Tiran

Technically Mr Qwelane is right. Israel did fire the fist shot in the conversional war between it and its neighbours in 1967. But in terms of international law, one need not fire a shot to start a war.

In fact Egypt decision to close the straights of Tiran was the official beginning of hostilities. For illegally blockading another country’s ports is in terms of international law an act of war. Israel was just completely justified in its bombardment of the Egyptian air force on day 1 of the 6 day War.

Mr Qwelane, you are an expert at manipulating facts.

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