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February 05, 2006



Here are a list of depictions of Mohammed throughout history.


Can you imagine if an embassy got torched every time an anti-Semitic cartoon got published? There wouldn't be many foreign diplomatic buildings left in the world by now...


Except for the ones from Micronesia :)

You know, i have followed blogs for ages now, and virtually every Muslim blog is always a great champion for freedom of speech because they are always defending their right to use hate speech against Jews.

And now the tables have turned.


Gotta love those Micronesians!
You forgot to mention Israel's other great ally - The Marshall Islands


Hypocrisy just kills me. Islamists who despise Western civilisation and whose aim is to institute societies that are devoid of freedom are the first to use human rights as an argument against the West.


Naeem Jenna from the Institute for Free Speech in SA was on SAFM this morning discussing the cartoons - but I didnt hear what he said.

How ironic.


Holy crap...haha chekc what the name of the jusge who made the decision was...

On Friday night at an emergency 10.30pm ruling in the Johannesburg High Court, Judge Mohamed Jajbhay found that the right to dignity outweighed the right to freedom of expression and ruled that cartoons of the prophet were offensive and an affront to the dignity of Muslim people.


Observer, I saw that. It really is quite funny :)


Did you know that these cartoons appeared in Danish papers in September 2005.

Danish Muslims had no problem with it back then.

This was a clear attempt by a radical Muslim group to incite hatred. Some groups suddenly pushed these cartoons around indoctrinating the Muslim world into a world that Muslims are being personally attacked.

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