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February 26, 2006



You may be right at all that, however Iranians could always quote BBC back at you:

"Iran's small Jewish community of about 30,000 is recognised by the Islamic Republic and there is even a Jewish member of parliament."

This come from:


Ya...BBC could be quoted at us for most things. But its up to you whether you choose to buy into their attempts to bring balance and parity where there is none.


Yes it is true, there is a Jewish representative in the Iranian parliament. All minority groups are compelled by law to have 1 representative in parliament. But he is hardly free to express an opinion. In fact he is forced to publicly endorse the Iranian government’s policies towards Israel and the West. A house Jews as it were.

Jews may not run for parliament as ordinary citizens say as part of a Muslim list.

The constant denial of the fate of Iranian Jews is extremely disturbing. I believe it stems from a belief that if we keep quiet, the Iranian government may look more favorably on them. But we should no from history that silence in the face of evil only emboldens it.

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