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February 20, 2006



Old Ronnie is busy basing Israel; one wonders where he finds the time to look after South Africa’s security. It’s not surprising that al-Qa’eda is thought to consider South Africa a safe hang out.

The ‘all Zionists label all criticism of Israel anti-Semitism’ slur is really getting old. I think the debate on both sides is diminished by resorting to name calling. I wish we could just deal with the facts.

And finally the land issue. How he distorts the truth with selective statistics! Its an old propaganda trick Ronnie must have picked up in the old USSR. I once did extensive research on this whole land issue. I totally agree with Steven’s figures. I would just like to add so detail. That 3,3% is Arab private ownership. 12% of Israel and the territories is held by the Arab Waqk (The Waqk is a Muslim religious trust that holds land on behalf of the Muslim world, similar to the JNF).

The return of Jewish to Israel is the first time in history that a nation has had to repurchase its own land. Spain like every other country was liberated from Islamic imperialism by force, not by a commercial transaction. It is also true that the JNF paid particularly inflated prices fort he arid land they purchased. Sorry Ronnie the land point is a non starter.

Ronnie then makes the ridiculous point that many nations have occupied the Holy land and thus Jews have no special claim. What a stupid argument. Is Ronnie saying that a foreign occupier has the same rights to the land as the indigenous people? Don’t think his liberation buddies in say Zimbabwe would like that idea. Come on.

I wish Red Ronnie would stick to what he is good at and leave foreign policy to those with the necessary skills and knowledge. He just embarrasses himself and South Africa


Kasrils is clearly obsessed with a relentless hatred against Israel and her people.
Everytime I read his rantings against Israel and Zionism , I feel nauseated and angry.
His positions attempt to delegitimize Israel's very existance , as well as being an apologist for Arab terror against Jews in Israel.
His positions are indentical to those of Hamas and Ahmadinejad. He is completely heartless, lacking any compassion for Jewish women and children murdered by the Palestinian terrorists in Israel.

Furthermore whatever he says , Kasrils cares nothing about human rights , as illustrated by his enthusiastic support for the Mugabe regime and his unrepentant Stalinism.
The world needs more Stalinists like it needs a hole in the head.

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