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February 17, 2006



It would be interesting to know what the Islamic religious scholar believe nuclear weapons can be used as a counter measure to. Can they only be used in a retaliatory strike once nukes have been fired at Iran? Or perhaps they can be used as a counter measure to Israel’s ‘occupation’ of the West Bank or America’s ‘occupation’ of Iraq. Perhaps they could even be used as a counter measure against Denmark’s defamation of the Prophet Mohammed. All very vague.


Keep it abstract and then all options remain open!


for once, can finally say agree 100% percent with Mike. Hamas's Hudna gives us a perfect example of how religous islamic opinions can be interpreted so differently and vaguely depending on the time, audience and press presence.


Gersh, thats a shock. We actually agree on something. Maybe I must consider changing my position. only joking. The world cannot allowing WMD to fall into the hands of a madman with or with out Fatwas

James Clark

Well this isn't really surprising.

I hope no one takes the "not without provocation" bits into a false sense of security. Provocation could be any damn thing when you're dealing with two-faced liers and sociopaths.

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