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February 06, 2006



I like this a lot, and I'm glad you're getting your public speaking thing sorted! Stand up and challenge these things!

I guarantee you this, had you not stood up and spoke, there wouldn't have been half the Israeli support in the room. People like to follow other people's lead, I'm sure there were a lot of people who were dying to say something but too scared to talk out of fear. That you stood up and showed them it's alright, was I'm sure the cause of a lot of people coming out of their shells!

Good work!

Vaz Lube

Excellent Steve.

I wonder if West Bank would remain with Gaza as one entity? Would they break off and go as own like East Pakistan broke off and became Bangladesh? Thus we could end up with three states instead of two or those idiots' ideal of one state.

How can those one state advocates tell us how everyone can live in peace in this case?


What amazes me Vaz is when they say that the palestinian state cant work they place responsibility of Israel to deal with the problems.

In their eyes it is Israel that must expand its borders to swallow up a hostile population.

The argument of making Jordan take the WB and Egypt take Gaza never even crosses their minds. It makes more sense though as there are cultural, religious and language similarities.

Also when they say it cant work they ussually speak about the fact that the economy is in tatters. But surely the Arab and western world can save this by giving them huge cash to kickstart their economy?

James Clark

Great stuff, Steve.

The 'debate' sounds like it was very one-sided, but at least you and Mike were there to help clear some things up. ;)

Jonathan Edelstein

Hi Steve,

It seems from your summary that Kogila Moodley was at least willing to acknowledge the differences between the two conflicts. Can you elaborate on the differences and similarities she pointed out?


Absolutely excellent. Good Job mate!


Most of their book, which I have now finished reading and will blog about soon, is dedicated to comparing Apartheid South Africa and ‘Israel/Palestine’(I hate that construction why not Israel and Palestine). They look at 6 aspects. The economy is one area. They find that while Apartheid South Africa needed black labour, Israel is not really dependent on the Palestinians. It is more that the Palestinians are dependent on Israel for economic livelihood. Another aspect considered is the violent nature of the conflict. The ANC by and large did not target civilians while the Palestinians do. The also consider the fact that Israel has a supportive Diaspora, Apartheid South Africa was much more internationally isolated. Although the show that there are numerous similarities between the 2 conflicts, the paint Israel in an extremely negative light. At times worse than Apartheid. Different doesn’t equal better. But will blog about it properly some time this week.


Sure thing Jonathan.

She spoke about similarities and differences.
She said
1. Whites depended on blacks for labour. That interdependance limited the brutality. Israelis dont depend on the Palestinians for labour (or at least they are trying not to) and so there hasnt been anything to curb the israeli brutality.
2. Leadershrip - SA had a cohesive legitimate party controlling the resistance - the ANC.
3.Violence: ANC had an official policy against indiscriminate attacks. they grew from an ideology of non violent resistance. for 50 yrs before sharpeville they were committed to non violent ghandi style resistance. the palestinians have not grown from that ideology. (Actually, this is more a point of my own than hers. she just said that they were committed to non violence but didnt mention the 50 yrs before sharpeville.)
4. Political contact: there was much closer contact between blacks and whites in SA than there is between Palestinians and Jews.

there were i think two more points which i cant quite remember. perhaps Mike will remember and add to this.

as i said, she wasnt bad. she was fairly balanced and was the only speaker that didnt exceed her time limit.

The book is called "">Seeking Mandela and you can buy a copy from or amazon.


Seems Mike and I replied at the exact same time...

sorry about that link...its called seeking mandela. a search on or will find it.


well done to the both of you!


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