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January 09, 2006



I think you too harsh on Olmert. He is under tremendous pressure. Most reports have said he has been doing well and the latest polls show kadima will win 44 seats.


I saw those polls tonight. I think that they reflect public sympathetic for Kadima as a result of Sharon stroke. I do not believe they represent how the country views Olmert. Netanyahu is an extremely charismatic and sly politician. Olmert needs to neutralize him as much as possible by showing he is in charge.

However it seems that Bibi not Olmert is leading the campaign in the Knesset to pass the 2006 budget. If it passes as a result of Bibi’s efforts Israelis will surely view him as the more powerful leader. The next few years are extremely dangerous for Israel. Iran is a growing threat; the continuing collapse of the PA and a powerful Hizbolah. Despite the fact that Bibi is more right wing than most Israelis, they will choose him if they believe he is more capable of handling this future danger.

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