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January 09, 2006



Irrespective of what really happened with the Al Aqsa walk, let's assume that Sharon is the kind of man the media likes to portray. A cold-blooded, murdering provocateur.

He walks to the mosque. Let's recall that this is Judaism's holiest site and is in territory captured during the '67 war. The Israelis nonetheless allowed the Waqf to maintain control of it.

How does world opinion figure that this justifies the Intifada? Let us also recall that the same world opinion expects Israel to be "moderate" when responding to the provocation of a suicide bombing.

This argument clearly indicates the bias of the critics and renders their opinions invalid.


Brilliant take on things GreenMamba.

The apply different levels of expected morality for the two sides - which is in itself quite


Couldn’t agree with you more Greenmamba. I just don’t understand why the international community believes that it was such a horrendous crime for a Jewish Israeli politician to visit the holiest site in Judaism. So horrible that it even justifies Palestinian suicide terrorism. The hypocrisy of much of the media is sickening. Not only do they not criticize Palestinians that deny Jews their right to religious freedom on the Temple Mount but in fact openly support their efforts. It is unbelievable to me that Jews are scolded for excising their legitimate rights.

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