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January 13, 2006



You have to admit though, their press release on Sharon has a certain sledgehammer-like subtlety.

It's fiskable at so many levels but I think the challenge to them is to disprove the claim that Arafat was at least as bad as what they say about Sharon.


I am actually quite surprised at the amateurish nature of their press release. The capital letters, the extreme hyperbola and their tasteless metaphors expose their comments as the ramblings of political extremists. And thus it would be so easy for us to just dismiss them as beyond the pale of reasonable debate. But unfortunately as Steve has pointed out the local media regards these 2 organizations as the official voice of the South African Muslim Community. As such, there are numerous troubling aspects to their comments.

Their open support for Hamas as ‘the only authentic voice of a majority of Palestinians’. Most of the Western World has branded Hamas a terrorist organization. Its openly calls for the destruction of Israel. And its charter is littered with Nazi like anti-Semitic references to Jews. Is this the type of organization that the South African Muslim Community identify with?

True Hamas is set to make a significant showing in the next Palestinian election, but it can hardly be considered the only voice of the Palestinian people. Palestinians have one of the most pluralistic societies in the Arab World. I find it odd that local Muslims who under South African democracy have reaped the benefits of pluralism, attempt to reduce or even deny those same benefits to their Palestinian brothers.

It is also unacceptable that official Muslim organizations should call for Israel to be destroyed. The ironic thing is that such a move would violate the United Nations Charter and international law, the same law that they condemn Israel for contravening.

Moderate local Muslims must speak out against this type of extremism. If they do not, they can not complain when all Muslims are tarred with the terrorist brush.

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