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January 31, 2006



Its amazing how much time Kasrils spends on all of this crap. I wish he would just disappear.


So pleased Steve decided to take the Kasril’s piece. I read it and didn’t know where to begin. It’s not easy to counter ideological ramblings with logical arguments. The fact that this man was made Minister of Intelligence is just such an irony to me. I think it was the President’s idea of a practical joke. Well if one really does think about it where could he have put red Ronnie? An economic portfolio would have been disastrous for the country. I guess Mbeki reckoned that with his experience in the Soviet Union, Ronnie was an ideal candidate for running our version of the KGB. Intelligence ironically may truly be what he is best at.

I would like ask the Mail and Guardian what are the relevance of red Ronnie’s ramblings. (Bet he can’t say that backwards). There was nothing new there. We have heard that propaganda for years. Perhaps I am too cynical but it seems to me that every time it’s a slow news week, the Mail and Guardian used Jew bating to get their sales. It is honestly despicable.

And old Ronnie why did he write this now. Well if you read the article he read a book last week where he was exposed to all these ‘new’ ideas. He is the worst type of intellectual adversary—ideological, ignorant and misinformed all at the same time.

Vaz Lube

Thus begs the question, why MSM give a lot of media time to those people in misguided notion of "balanced news"?

I challenge MSM to give lot of editorial space for both of you to write columns. (letters page do not count!) If they can give space for people like Ronne and MRN, then they should give us to rebut them and others likewise.


I have tried time and again with the M&G but even writing letters to them is pointless. Their letters editor edits letters in a way that changees the core point of the letter or in a way that makes the letter seem like nonsense.

And last week i knew of two letters sent to them about the article about the Muslim reporter who went to Israel and complaiend that israelis dont know the language of democracy. The M&g printed the much softer letter that omitted the best reply points. The letter that wasnt printed was brilliant.

So an op-ed with them would be impossible. One of the best newspapers in terms of allowing op-ed space to no-ones from the public is the Citizen.


Like Mike says, you read what Kasril's says and just don't know how to respond. It's just so packed with lies and propaganda - gotta wonder how anyone can believe a word that comes out of that monkey's mouth!

Frank Adam

Dear Almost Supernatural,
In 1948 there were only seven Arab states - Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Syria , Lebanon, Saudi and Yemen. The rest of the Arab World was still under colonial rule proving the caution of Henry Lawrence to Lord Dalhousie over the dethronement of the Begum of Oudh that, "People prefer to be misruled by their own, to being well ruled by foreigners."
The real fault in the premises of the Kasrili idea is that their "one state solution" to dissolve Israel into a greater Palestine is on the level with re-uniting India , Pakistan and Bangla Desh with Pakistan in charge of the lot! Same as shoving Portugal into Spain or Canada into the USA or Ireland back into GB! Very funny ! For your next Kasrili Komik Kuts...?

Daniel Mayer

(Letter sent to Ms. Brittain and Mr. Kasrils on article in Guardian)

Ms. Brittain and Mr. Kasrils.,

It is stupid to tell lies, but one must be very stupid indeed to believe them oneself - I am sure you agree! So how do you do it?

And a head of 'intelligence' too!!

And after being confronted you will keep doing it, of course! Or will you
not? Sadly, here is a psychological impossibility:

"Dear Mr. Mayer, after your letter, I sat down and asked myself, Could I possibly be avoiding asking myself a few question in order to uphold my views? - and to my horror I realized that I might be! I appreciate your pointing it out, in future I will do my best to ask myself the further pertinent question when attempting to understand a conflict. It does make sense to at least try to imagine oneself on both sides of a conflict. After all, no one - certainly not me, and I have no reason to believe that others are different than me - says to himself 'I will be the bad guy in a this clear black-white story.' So, I concur, to understand conflict IS to look at it from both points of view. Else, one is simply part of the problem rather
than part of the solution. In fact, we can demonstrate we agree with the following quotes from previous pieces we have each written..."

Please write me to confirm that you have read this, and that you actually do really believe every word you say, I will be most grateful. I keep telling my students that this is for real, that this is really how conflict perpetuates itself, but they refuse to believe this actually happen in real life. And then you came along with this great piece. Thanks!

So now we have a bet on whether you will respond or not. Will you? Won't you? I wonder what it will be?

Prof. Daniel Mayer
National University/ University of San Diego

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