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January 27, 2006



I couldn’t agree more with Steve’s sentiments about this ‘debate’. I have heard Steven Friedman, the token Jew, speak on numerous occasions. He is an unashamed anti-Zionist. Na'eem Jenna, as Steve pointed out, is a prominent supporters of Palestinian terrorism against innocent Israeli civilians and Virginia Tilley is certainly no Zionist. So where is the debate?

I am currently reading the book, Seeking Mandela, which is the catalyst for the ‘debate’. It has taken me over 2 months to get through 3 chapters. It is one of the most anti-Israel books I have ever read and I have read many. But surprisingly enough it seems to conclude that although evil Israel is different to Apartheid South Africa. It provides a very though comparison, looking at the economic, military, social and political situations in both conflicts. The final chapter is on a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict. At this stage the authors could go either way (1 or 2 states). I wait in anticipation of how it ends.

I should point out that the authors reject the notion of an ethno-religious state in principal. They hold up post nationalist multicultural Canada as the ideal society. So I don’t expect them to put up much of a fight on behalf of the Jewish State.

Nevertheless I intend to go to the debate and find out!


Is there really any point of attending or taking any interest in the debate on this basis. It seems more like a political love-fest and reaffirmation of pre-decided views.

Perhaps you both should ask the following question when they turn to the floor: "Where are the opposing viewpoints and facts in the whole debate or is the debate merely a propoganda session?"


Thats exactly what I intend to ask.

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