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January 20, 2006


James Clark

France also had this to say...


Thanks for the link. Checked it out. I think it is so ironic that France is always one of the first countries to call for restraint when Israel or America is attacked by terrorists, but when it comes to them they threaten to use nuclear weapons. It takes excessive force to an all new level.

James Clark

Yes, it is quite ironic.

I think that the comments about nuclear strikes are more of a domestic effort to justify France's expensive nuclear detterent than anything else, though.

They might have put their foot in it a bit, but one cannot really justify having a nuclear detterent unless one is prepared to use it.

Saying that "We might lose our SC seat!" may not cut it when there are 350 strategic nuclear warheads in question.


Yes you are right Mike. The Frenchman needs to think before he splashes out in the papers!

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