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November 02, 2005


James Clark

Personally, I found it particularly shocking because the president of Iran called for it.

It's one thing for Imam's in mosques to call for an end to Zionist oppression.

It's one thing for anti-semitism to be taught in mosque and school.

It's all sickening.

It's quite another thing for the Iranian president to publicly call for Israel's annihilation.

It's not that I'd expect the hard-line president to be any more lucid or tolerant than his people, but I would expect him to act with more diplomatic savvy.

Saying what he did... he has shown what he is; an inexperienced and politically dangerous fundamentalist fundy with an ambition to acquire nuclear weapons. He is far more dangerous than any Imam could ever be.


Yeah wheres the outrage where the condemnation from the UN and the liberal left-wing news media? wheres the call from politicians that IRAN appoligise for it?


Wheres the call from the M&G that the Muslim population in SA apologise for not condemning it?

They had an article i think last year where they called for the Jews in SA to stand up and publicly condemn Ariel Sharon and his government.

James Clark

Hey, not even the South African government has condemned it.


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