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November 07, 2005


David Gerstman

You assume that Arafat would change. But that misunderstands him.
But it also mis-reads the situation. If the shock of an assassinated Prime Minister didn't change Arafat (and everyone else) why would an almost miss have a more significant effect. Arafat was just as committed to Israel's destruction (and his own power) while Rabin was alive as he was after.
I don't buy this scenario at all.


It was meant to be sarcastic. I agree with you Arafat wouldn’t have changed. Just like the U.S. signing the Kyoto Protocol wouldn’t have made Osama Bin Laden give up his Jihad. I think Clinton and Arafat's contentions are ridiculous. Was trying to make a mockery of them. I think in the future i will stay away from humour.

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