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November 24, 2005



By the way - I dont really care if Jacko apologises or not.

I dont like Jacko - I never have. But I dont think that he should have to apologise for something he said privately.

Many people say things in private that they don't really mean - its not really fair to hold people publicly accountable for things they said in private.

Given that its Jacko Im sure that alot will be made of this. I think we should laugh at the simple man and move on.


On second thought...I may be wrong. Andre Markgraaf used racial slurs offensive to Black South Africans in a private conversation.

It was recorded and there was a public outrcy - which I believe was legitimate.

But he was a public official to a certain extent - I think at the time he was the coach of the SA rugby team. If he wasnt the coach then he was certainly serving on the SA rugby Union in some capacity.

Jackson is no public official.

James Clark

Jackson is a damn fool.

However, he is also American. 1st Ammendment.

guy from israel

it's interesting realy.
the jews are involved in all walks of culture in the USA,no doubt, with as managers and producers.
I just think that it's amazing how one with a hatred to jews can infer from michael jackson's words that only jews are producers and managers, and everybody else works as the talent of a non-related proffession.
this focusing on jews is a commonality to the anti-semitic people of the world.
btw, on a side note, the BBC show i've seen on the history of music (I don't remember the exact name) have described the strong relations between jews and black people in broadway, for example they gave a musical (I think "oklahoma") that was written by a jewish man called irving berlin, which was the first to put black people and white people together not only on stage but also among the crowd.
the first mix of colors was in that play, and you know the song "old man river ..." its from that.
"porgie and bess" was written by gershwin.
I have no doubt that a serious research would show more examples of that.


Great comment Guy. Totally agree

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