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October 24, 2005



Jewish voices pride themselves on being a pluralistic organisation. They are so pluralist that they refuse to take a stand on whether they support a 1state or 2 state solution. It’s laughable. Most of their member would never consider themselves Jewish. The only time they express their Jewish identity is in opposition to Israel.

I read the other article ‘Setting up Abbas’ by Jeff Halper. It is very similar to Alistair Spark’s piece on the one state solution in The Star that we both blogged about. Wouldn’t be surprised if Alistair got some of his ideas from this piece.

Gary Selikow

I think it is high time that we dealt with, and stopped tolerating, Jews who turn on their own people, i.e. Left-wing anti-Zionist, anti-Israel Jews.

These self-hating Jews do incalculable damage to the struggle of Israel to survive, and they encourage Arab terror. They are completely heartless, lacking any compassion for Jewish women and children murdered by the Palestinian terrorists in Israel.

It is time we exposed and isolated these despicable Judenrat Kapos. They should be completely isolated from the Jewish communities in every country in which they are found



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