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October 10, 2005



I have the case for democracy but havent read it yet.

I totally recommend Sharansky's first book "fear no evil". Sharansky is a sheer genius and his stories about how he beat the KGB at the mind games are rivetting.

My favourite anecdote was how he proved that even behind the cold prison walls he was more free than the KGB agents.

He told them a joke about how frantic the Russians became when the US sent a man to the moon - so much so that they quickly released their plans to get a man to the sun. A young Russian scientist questioned the Russian Sun team "but wont it be too hot". Nonsense the Russian team responded...we are prepared for you think we are stupid! We will send the man to the sun at night!

Sharansky tells how the KGB wanted to laugh at his jokes but that they couldnt. He would then mock them, explaining that with their so called freedom they cant even laugh at an amusing joke.


Nice to see that there's someone else helping now.

Shalom Mike.

Laurence Caromba

Hey Mike. Nice to meet you.

Vaz Lube

Mike, good debut post on IAS blog! Looking forward more blogging from you.

I was planning to get Natan's book eventually, also I think I'll add "Fear No Evil" to my shopping cart as well.


Sharansky is an idealist. His terms for negotiations are terms that can never be met.

Thats my view.


Sharasky may be an idealist but so were many of the great political thinker of the last centuary. People accused Hertzl of being an idealist. Look what he achieved.


Nicely said.

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