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October 26, 2005



walked down allenby today to get some tickets stamped, took a sherut to shuk hacarmel, and was gladly wandering along to one of my favourite places in tel aviv, when I saw the 3 soldiers guarding the one entrance. I got quite a fright, and hightailed it out of there - very scary. In all likelihood it makes no sense to be scared, but I was. thank you terrorists!


Do you take busses? Most of my friends that have been there lateley avoided busses - but for someone living there do you just overcome that "bus" fear.

Im gonna be in Israel in December - last time i was there i took busses all the time. I think I still will.


Yeah - I take a bus every morning to ulpan - there's just no way you can take a car into central Tel Aviv unless you have parking - plus driving here is a nightmare as I'm sure you know! Every sunday my bus is packed full full full, especially with soldiers returning to base - can you say perfect target? With the busses it's kinda that you can not be scared because you just have to consider your chances fairly low - but I think if I lived in Jerusalem I wouldn't take them - but I don't know. Markets are a different beast though - one that has been a target before, and is a likely target now - I ain't so comfy being in!

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