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October 16, 2005



An excellent post, Mike. Thanks for the great work.

I am intrigued by your statement that it is almost supernatural "that the whole world supports the idea of ethnically cleansing the biblical heartland of Israel (Judea and Samaria) of its Jewish inhabitants."

I agree that it seems supernatural. But, what exactly do you mean by that, if you don't mind me asking.


The internationally recognised basis for concluding the Arab-Israeli conflict is for Israel to withdraw from the West bank (Judea and Samaria). This includes evacuating all the Jewish inhabitants of that area (As was the case in Gaza). No-one images a 2 state solution with some Jews living as equal citizens of a future Palestinian state. So they support ethnically cleaning the West Bank of Jews.

Hypocritically though, no-one would argue that there is no place for Arabs in Israel. Israel's more than a million Arab citizens will not be transferred to the future Palestinian state. Such a policy of transfer would certainly be labelled as racist.

It is truly remarkable that in international political discourse today it is accepted that Jews have the right to live anywhere in the entire world except in Judea and Samaria (the centre of ancient Jewish life). Hope that explained it better.


So "supernatural" meant "truly remarkable?"


The idea ties in with the name of the blog - Some biases seem so remarkable that its's almost supernatural that they can be so.

In other words it seems so beyond reason that you almost feel that some higher power is controlling everything this way for some purpose.


Yes, that sounds about right.


Ok, thanks for spelling it out for me. I just wanted to make sure you meant what I thought you meant.

I agree.

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