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September 07, 2005



He sounds like a crazed ayatollah. Im embarressed. He should be charged with hate speech.


I agree anti. I'm waiting to see which SA Rabbis come out and condemns Yosef.

Vaz Lube

What do we expect from Shas? I hope that Bibi will not be PM again anytime.

When Bibi was PM, he was held hostage by Shas. How can he be better PM than Sharon? If I had to choose between 2, Give me Sharon any day.


Well he wouldnt be held hostage by Shas anymore. There support has dwindled.

That said, I would rather see Sharon as leader of Israel under a centrist Mapai style party than see Landau or Bibi lead is Israel under the Likud.

The Likud that I like is the Sharon part of it...Olmert etc.

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