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August 02, 2005


David Gerstman

I have not read Rabinovich's book, but I have read "Adjusting Sights" by Chaim Sabbato. The disbelief of Israel's predicament is very well conveyed in the book.


I believe the Rabinovich war to be the best available book on the war at this moment. It unfortunately doesnt go deeply enough into the macro war - the political machinations and effects it had on the super powers. It does delve into it but notenough. Rather it details many micro military details. This makes up for the fault i mentioned because it makes the war more human, you read about what the soldiers went through, about specific battle details. The book however also doesnt go enough into the Arab perspetive. Still, it is the best available book according to Michael Oren, author of six days of war, which is without doubt the best book on the 6 day war. Oren's book makes extensive use of both Arab and Israeli sources and criticises Rabinovich for not doing the same. but he also offers alot of praise for the book, as I said, regarding it as the best available book on the war.
It was a powerful...and sad read

Jimmy D

Hi - I'm in NZ and researching the ijmportance of morale on the Golan Heights 1973. Does any one have access to, " Chaim Sabbato, Adjusting Sights", or any pther relevant information - thanks


Sorry I dont have it. Sounds like interesting research. I understand morale ebbed and flowed and but was mainly pretty low?

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