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August 10, 2005



Great point made. I think the fact that the freedom of expression is never dealt with in isolation is crucial and is nearly always overlooked. Freedom of expression should never be used as a justification for hate speech when such principle clashes take place.

Daniella Douglas

I think that what Mr Barkhuis had done was extremely wrong.Painting a huge swastika on the wall oppisite you'r "Jewish" neighbor and writing "spiteful bastards" in Hebrew is definately hate speech.That is something that you just DO NOT do.

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People in a democracy should not defend a person's right to hate speech. To brand some citizens as inferior to others on the grounds of race, religion, or sexual orientation is inconsistent with the fundamentals of a liberal democracy. When freedom of expression is no longer viewed in isolation of other values we can begin to realise that restrictions are needed.


I do agree with you.


This sounds like a rousing good time. I've recently been interested in learning effective ways to proselytize the masses. Will the baked goods you're planning on bringing be unleavened? Also, will we have the option of grape juice along side the wine? Count me in if you are planning to cover all the most important points between Genesis and Lijiticus?
Blessings to you my dear and Amen!

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