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May 29, 2005



Everything is a flipping comspiracy theory with these okes. They are so obsessed with the Yids that they even went so far as calling themselves the Muslim JEWdicial Council!!


What good would they do to hand a memorandum to the SA Jewish Board?

Aziz Pahad's comments are a disgrace. Its fine to fight for the Palestinian cause but when you consder what the memo stated Pahad by accepting it has just embarresed his country.

"Pahad thanked the massive crowd and pledged to put it forward to government for discussion. "I have just returned from a visit to Palestine where I was part of a delegation from 55 countries. I want to assure you that your government heard you and is committed to ensuring that the Palestinian cause is successful"

foreign devil

So...South Africa became free of apartheid, only to turn and seek to impose arbitrary restrictions of their own on a whole race of people and a country, on the flimsiest of evidence but most egregious, because of it's appeal to the lowest common denominator...race hatred, this time against Israel and the Jews. How pathetic that this is what's become of South Africa under the leadership of Mandela. Bahhh!


You mean...used to be under the leadership of Mandela. Thabo Mbkei is the leader of SA.

Don't make too much of this. S.Africa is actually one of the best places in the world for Jews of all types (secular, orthodox etc) to live. Very very few anti-Semitic incidents here and the govt supports the rights of all religious groups.

Aziz Pahad accepted the memorandum as a token gesture. Nothing more. Nothing will come of this. Don't read too much of ANC/SA policy into it. Pahad is too scared to shun the MJC and so he accepted the memorandum. The ANC will not fulfill any of the crazy demands in the memorandum. But they should condemn the MJC for trying to spark division in SA. Its not PC however to ever condemn the MJC and these moral ambivalences sit fine with the ANC.

ANC Youth League on the other hand is a different story altogether.

The MJC is trying to stir the proverbial pot and they should be condemned. Unfortunately the ANC does not have the balls to condemn them but that does not mean that they will impose the arbitrary restrictions you speak of.

Here is a better indication of SA foreign policy on Israel.


On second thought...Pahad may not have known what was in the memorandum before he accepted it - although he may have - the SAJBD was informed of the memo's contents before they handed the memo over.


It's quite disturbing that they're essentially advocating what would amount to the start of the limitation of rights on Jews locally. Indeed, it's also hypocritical as I recall after the US invaded Afghanistan they were proudly showing off two local recruits to the Taliban army on SABC. I've heard nothing since though.

Thankfully the ANC itself won't listen. But it's pretty obvious that Voice of the Cape are trying to mix an insult with an accusation in the last bit. Gay citizens would be rightfully insulted by such a crass and bigoted attitude. Isn't that grounds for abuse against gay rights locally?

But I suppose it's not really addressed to us Jews. It's rather meant to rail and enrage Muslim listeners against the 'homosexual, defecating, Purim bloog eating Jew'. A portrayal of a dark and evil race to be opposed, much like the view the Apartheid state promoted of indigenious South Africans.


It's really amazing how certain groups can get away with slandering homosexuality. The Republicans are repeatedly bashed for their stance on gay marriage yet those same bashers turn a blind eye to the desperate situation of homosexuals in certain other parts of the world.

Persona non Grata

Quite frankly I believe it is time for some un PC action from all involved. The Muslim is always howling how "his" rights are violated and desicrated but nothing is done when he does worse... I would have burned down all Muslim sites If I was in command when taking over Jerusalem... and that would have been quite in line with Biblical directive.


What Biblical directive? Christian or Jewish. If Jewish, and assuming you are Jewish, may I say that I wouldnt have thought that there were many Jews at the university of the orange free state :)

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