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April 01, 2005



Probably true, but it's also worth remembering some stats and misconceptions when it comes to the same stats.

For one, when one extracts a sample entering the several thousands and it is also done in a way that draws from all spectrums of the group sampled, then it actually does start to become more valid. You don't need to sample hundreds of thousands.

The only problem is that stats is never about absolute/set in stone figures - which many political analysts seem to miss. They're rather about the likelihood of estimated figures being right based on the sample. So if something is within a certain sample range it becomes increasingly likely.

Of course it's still worth noting, as you say, that Mishkas is challenging the result not out of any love for statistics.

By the way, nice traffic stats. You're clearly outdoing as well :)


Thanks Wayne,
As you mention I would have preferred to find an article that discussed the consequences of allowing women to vote in S.Arabia.

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