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April 10, 2005



Sounds like you did an excellent job. Shot!

Why not advertise these events on the main page so that we know when they are being held. I would like to check some of these talks out.


big up on the 2004 J&I Blog awards finalist!
shultz would howl with pride

Nurit Steinfeld

I happen to stumble across this article accidentally and since I personally am discussed in it, I feel that I must respond. My own and Ayal Hareuveni's statements are blatently misquoted and distorted as is much of what is "reported" here. Obviousely this writer is not interested in actually reporting what was said but in simply insulting myself and Ayal and Jewish Voices. The writer apparently states that he was at this meeting and it was rather a small meeting but I have no recollection of him. PErhaps he sat sullenly in some corner or made some comment that was totally unmemmorable. We were certainly available for discussion, should he have been interested in one and a deeper understanding of our message. We were, in fact, quite in agreement with the "expert" who was there, who took the liberty to speak for a longer time. We were told that we have 20 minuets to present our views and so had to make do with a brief statement.
In any case, I feel that all discussion is a good thing, especially within the Jewish community as the Jewish community is important to Israel. It seems the author concludes that withdrawl from the territories is a good thing, so oddly, we seem to be in agreement there as well. One of our main points is that the occupation of Palestinian territories is destructive to Israel. PErhaps the author was not listening.
It seems that the main point of this article is simply to insult myself, Ayal and JEwish Voices. PErhaps he simply needs to vent his anger on somebody as I can't make out any real point in his statements here.
As to the opposition to the separation wall. It is in fact a land grab and I don't see how the author can dispute that. It seems that his main objection is that Jewish Voices did something in cooperation with a pro-Palestinain group. In my opinion, cooperation is important and a step towards peace,which we so desperately need in our country.
Nurit Steinfeld


The Jewish Voices lost all credibility way before this event. They marched against the "apartheid" wall with the PSC, who shares many members with the MRN.

I wish I had been there...and so Steve...I echo anti-UN's comment.

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