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March 14, 2005


jews are satan,the anti-christ..! Whats the big mystery,its in the Bible itself if you bother to read it!!! Synagog-of-satan !!! Hello!? Matthew 27:23 through to Matthew 27:26 Hello!?

The Jews are the descendants of the devil himself (John 8:44)

Dan Brown

The jews themselves are the embodyment of evil but they are not of Satan. Satan is their adversary. You see the Jews created the religions of Christianity and Islam in order to keep humanity from progressing spiritually and knowing about the powers of the mind that can be accessed by strengthening your aura and chakras. Satan wants us to know that we dont have to be slaves we can stand up for what is right. The end goal of the jews is a one world order where all spiritual knowledge and power has been removed from the gentiles and all spirital (occult) power is in the hands of the Jews and a select few Gentiles that are totally with their plans. They wish to use the power that we were created to have against us to enslave us.
See and for more information.

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