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March 16, 2005



I am sure I read a letter from the red cross in norway in our mail and guardian that wanted sharon


Steve, well done for being runner up in the political category for those blog awards.

did you go to the event?


Thanks Danster

x-student of Gunvant's

I see that you comment on Mr. Govindjee's mind as beeing lunatic. Well, I can tell you one thing: Gunvant is the smartest man I have ever met, and I doubt that you can ever come up to his level (and that is with out saying that you are not smart-because I believe you are). I frequently doubtet what he said, and discussed a lot with him, but he always had evidence and arguments to back up what he said. Sure, sometimes he said things a bit too harshly, but that was to awaken us students and make us really think, and I believe that this is what he has done here (though I haven't read what you are reffering to). Please have respect for him, because he is most probably way above all of us when it comes to knowledge of international affairs, international law, human rights and so on!

x-student at the college Govindjee teaches at in Norway


I shouldnt have called him a lunatic, you are right. He may be very clever but he wrote two openly hostile letters about Israel where he didnt portray any level of balance and honesty.

Being clever doesnt not mean you are fair and balanced.


Lebanon is 10452 km squared. This surely includes Sheba Farms and 'Kora Sabea' in North israel.


Kora Sabea are NOT in "north israel". they are still in the occupied territories!


Well, whether Sheba farms is Lebanese or Syrian what the hell is Israel doing there anyway. It is a colonialist state that will not last very long.


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