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February 02, 2005



Why is it that nobody comments on the lack of any correctly performed autopsies in all these disputed killings?
This Reuter's story

says this:

" A Reuters correspondent visiting the blood-stained schoolyard said it did not appear that Israeli soldiers some 600 meters (yards) away could have seen into the compound from their position behind high walls."


Its so much easier to just blame the israelis. just like muhammed al dura never had an autopsy.


You're joking right? Apart from the fact that the PA is under Israel's Right Hand... it wouldn't even matter... there are so many cases of the PA killing Palestinian Civilians, they're an easy target to shift blame to and to say the palestinians are killing themselves.

and killing a 10 yr old girl is only ONE case... there are THOUSANDS of others which are indisputable Israeli Atrocities.




You're joking right?


They never reported Israel's denial because, you see, Israel has lied soooo much, that the international community finds anything it says not credible


What Steve? You dont want peace ?


You know very well that I want peace. I don't take you as an idiot, you know I am playing on how you end everything with Peace yet your rhetoric is anything but.

I tried to speak to you before about what would be an acceptable end of conflict solution to you and you basically answered that there will never be peace as long as Israel (of course you didnt call it Israel) exists.

I even tried to engage a discussion with you based on the similarities in our interests, but you outright rejected the discussion because you cannot see passed the hatred that results from your deliberate and conscious blindness.

You don't want peace. Sure, you want the conflict to end in a one side takes all solution, but peace in the middle east requires the type of compromise that you would do everything to disrupt and avoid. It requires tolerance and acceptance of the other side's basis to their claims. Respect for the people and religion of the other side.

Compromise can only happen in an environment of tolerance where violence is rejected and where incitement to hatred is ended.

You support the targeting of innocent civilians as a means to achieving a political goal. That is diammetrically opposed to your call for peace at the end of your ramblings.

You incite to violence and hatred no matter what Israel does, even when Israel is correct. That compels others to ignore your criticism, even when Israel is incorrect.

People with your mindset only exacerbate the existing problems.

This is now the end of our discussions. You refused to tolerate any of my discussions on your blog, and now I will do the same.


Why do you even bother with him?

Ignore him and delete his comments. This is your house and you don't need to tolerate his intolerance. His blog is riddled with hatred.


" Apart from the fact that the PA is under Israel's Right Hand... "

WHat rubbish. So typical of those who when they start seeing signs of movement owards peace will obstruct it by childishly accusing veteran leaders of their cause of becoming traitors merely because they are trying to pursue a non violent route.

Such a childish remark.

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