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January 10, 2005



Excellent post. The Kyoto Protocol is nothing more than a treaty to stifle America's economy while giving Communist China a free pass.


"There appears to be conflicting evidence regarding whether or not carbon dioxide emissions effect climate."

This link will provide you with some intel on the CO2 warming relationship:

"The global warming scam"

Thanks to Benny Peiser of Liverpool John Moores university for pointing out that a whole batch of studies reported in CO2 Science Magazine knocks a serious crater in the man-made global warming theory. They show that, far from increases in greenhouse gases preceding — and thus allegedly causing — warming of air temperature, what happened was the other way round."

And this one about the "calculations"

"In the scientific and political debate over global warming, the latest wrong piece may be the “hockey stick,” the famous plot..."
"But now a shock: Canadian scientists Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKitrick have uncovered a fundamental mathematical flaw in the computer program that was used to produce the hockey stick."

Personally, I would like more funding directed towards saving the endangered wildlife around the world.


Agree with almost everything, except that Hillary Clinton was not a senator in 1997. Bill C was an expert at leaving boobie-traps for GWB.


Thanks for that...


last i checked
we encourage countries like china, taiwan, brazil etc to lower their quality of life.
so we as americans can enjoy the fruits of their labor.
do me a favor..
check everything you own, who does it come from?
china, mexico... no?
but hey things like NAFTA are hurting our economy. the u.s. is so ass backwards, "do as we say, not as we do"

and how exactly is the kyoto protocol going to stifle our economy?
the u.s. is about sustainable growth, and we should be about sustainable development, what will happen when our natural resources are gone?

Bill clinton left booby traps for Bush?
how so?
lets drop the TV brainwashing people

there are numerous developing and undeveloped countries who do not have the money the u.s. does but have better measures for the environment.

you can not just include economics in a society.
a society does not just run on $.
sorry folks


NAFTA is hurting the economics, environment, and social well being of other countries.


Hi there,
You are stating alot of opinions you have, with no facts to back anything up.

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