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January 19, 2005


Vaz Lube

And that author of MRN's article calls herself a "researcher" ?

I suppose that their definition of research means otherwise.


Suraya Dadoo once wrote a letter to a newspaper gloating that the Jews will be a minority in the area of Israel, Gaza and West Bank within the next 10 years.

On this occasion her research was hampered by the PA, as it turns out that they overestimated the Palestinian population by 1.5 million! Read about it here

Did the Zionist lobby pay you to say that?
Filthy propagandist lies.

All of Israel is Palestine.

2, 4, 6, 8 we are martyrs we can't wait

kezan ham

Thogh I am in America, but still and will continue to remember my childhood years in Beit Sira and cultivating and feeding my few sheep in the lands west of the village, I will keep writing about it and will tell grand children for generations to come back to our territory the usurped land by foreign settlers. 50% or little more of Beit Sira village people are in Amman, Jordan and all want to live close to their relatives, their lands, their memories, their history and no one would prefer to live with no consideration or personality or roots or main civil rights. They live in Jordan just for food and work and die, with no sharing in political afairs. No blame on Jordan. It is their country. But the blame all the blame is on stubborn fake allegations of Israel and those who support the wrong hatred and discrimination much far from justice.

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