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January 25, 2005



Spesificaly on your mention of mass murderers: I'm curious who you refer to, because for every suicide bombing there appears to be an Israeli millitary backlash. Both sides qualify perfectly as mass-murderers. Violence begets violence after all.

If Israel stopped going after targets every time ther eis a suicide bombing, general public sympathy for Israel would be far more than it is. But right now what the world sees are people throwing themselves, strapped to bombs, at a nation that in turn retaliates with state-of-the-art military weapons.

I don't care who started it, there are no saints or honorables left in the Isaeli/Palestine conflict.


The above commentor "Gonzo" is quite offended that people are still offended today by the swastika.

To quote him exactly

"Whoever is still offended by a Swastika needs to let go, get over it or just please shut up."

So take the above comment from whence it comes.

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