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December 02, 2004


DA mal

What would emerge in the place of the UN, if it was disbanded? When I think of the absence of a UN-like body, I imagine the alliance system prior to WWI, with its own inherent corruptions, costs, imbalances and exclusions. This resulted in a vast, pointless and catastrophically destructive arms race. And it was not sufficiently stable to prevent war.

The sceptic's problem with the UN is that it appears to make a government out of diplomacy. And the sceptic's view is always valuable. But is it not extreme to take the problems of an institution like the UN and declare that they are a reason to destroy it? Systems can be made to work better, I should hope.

Vaz Lube

The same but under a different name.

First it was called League of Nations,
Secondly it is called United Nations.
Thridly it will be called something like ABC, Appeasment, Bribery and Corruption?

UN is undemoratic and unrepresentative. I would probably be very glad to see UN abolished.


I wouldnt mind Clinton taking over from Kofi.

My grievances against the UN relate primarily to its relationship with Israel - a relationship that to me typifies all that is wrong with the UN. I refer you to this article - Harvard Israel Review - 50 year history between Israel and UN


Scrap that - above link is dead...

Not all bodies of the UN are a failure, so Mal is correct on some counts. The WHO is seemingly succesful.

But the UN seems to generally place diplomatic neceties above security - except when the target is Israel.

The mandate of the UN isn't the problem. But a failed implementation ruins an entire project.

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