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November 06, 2004



Yeah, I remember when he was first being hailed in the American mainstream media as a true moderate and a hopeful figure for peace. I was dismayed that his Holocaust denial was never mentioned.

Mein Kampf still sells quite well in the Arab world, by the way.

I hate to say it, but I don't think Israel is going to see a "moderate" Arab negotiating partner for quite some time. Not after the two generations of terrorists which Arafat--and more recently with the help of Hamas, IJ, Al Aqsa, et al--has raised. Even then, the picture doesn't look at all rosy.


I know, and yet the mainstream fashionable world thinks that snakes like Saeb Erakat are moderates!!!

There are four typical beliefs on the Holocaust in the Arab world.

1. It didn't happen. (Yet Mein Kampf is still a best seller in the Arab world)
2. If it did happen then Israel has exploited it for political capital
3. If it did happn then the the real victims are the Palestinians
4. If it did happen then the Zionist behaviours today are a replication of those terrible Nazi behaviours


This NYT article by Steven Erlanger
"Arafat's No. 2 Is Set to Assume Leadership"

seems to be the NYT trying to determine leader and policy in Israel (sort of like they tried recently in the US) with Beilin and Oslo3!

They lump Arafat together with Sharon as the spoilers:
"Mr. Arafat, never a fool when power is at stake, undermined Mr. Abbas from the start, helped by the Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, and Mr. Abbas quit in disgust four months later."

For the those dependent on the sound bites they will most probably have forgotten those "four months",that is, if they had paid attention, and that Jennings, Rather and co., did not excessively pre-digest the facts.

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