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November 14, 2004


DA mal

Guiliani's very impressive, isn't he? It's very sad that his contribution to the world is so much shortened because of his illness.


He is very impressive. I remember that when Hillary ran for senate he had to pull out because of illness, but I cant remember exactly what the illness is. Also, didnt he overcome the illness. I am still hoping that he would run for president one day???

Vaz Lube

I remember well, the time Giuliani forcibly ejected Arafat from an event. When Giuliani was attending an event (I think a performance or something), He noticed that Arafat was entering the hall, Rudy told his officials to eject this persona non granta pronto. Arafat was unceremoniously led out. Fellow attendees applauded Giuliani. The media reported that Arafat was "victimized" by Giuliani!

Giuliani gets my respect.

Bethel Bennett

Rudy Guiliani is no backslapper. He actually lives his beliefs.

He's a REAL man!


Giuliani is a terrorist. He and members of his security company were not only involved in setting up explosives in the World Trade Center, but also the London bombs. Like on 9-11, this was a joint venture between Israel, the U.S. Bush/Bilderberg's, and the UK.

See for yourself...


YOu people who ra-ra Israel need to open up your closed and fearful minds and deal with the real facts.... A poertion of Israel's government is evil. The only proven Al Qaeda cells ever actually caught were found to be terrorists from Mossad and IDF. Just like the 2 Mossad agents that were caught trying to bomb the Mexican Congress one month after 9-11 on 10-11.


It's 3 years too late, but what utter garbage mondo. There is not a single 9/11 conspiracy theory that has not been scientifically obliterated.

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