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November 08, 2004



This is outrageous. How can they get away with this!


Amazing and disgusting. Doesn't this "City Press" have even a shred of commitment to truth?


South Africa seems to be one big trash dumpster full of Nazis, moving backwards as fast as they can.


No, we not full of Nazis. Its just that the PLO supported the ANC are comrades. And so many ignorant people here sympathise with the Pali cause. This is not Nazi style hatred at all. Its driven by naivety and ignorance.

Jews in South Africa suffer far fewer anti-Semitic icidents than in Australia, NZ, USA, Uk, Europe.

But our press are radically supportive of the Palestinian cause.

Alvin...they have no shred of commitment at all.


The City press say that Israel's reporting of Yasser being belly up is vile.

Well, what about their speaking about where he will be buried. Have they no respect for Arafat? Even Nabil Shath yesterday said that it is DISRESPECTFUL TO SPEAK of where he will buried while he is still alive.

I will send this to City Press.


Good day Sirs,

I wish to express my absolute dismay at the poorest piece of journalism that I have ever had the misfortune to read. I refer to your scurrilous attack on Israel in your Yasser Arafat article dated November 7. Shame on you.

How can you consider yourselves honest when you criticise Israel’s reporting of Arafat being dead by saying

"Arafat will never win a most- liked person contest in Israel, but that does not justify the absence of a sense of humanity as he lay on his deathbed. That broadcast represented the most vile treatment of one human being by another and ironically reminds us all what war in the Mideast has done to the humanity of people there."

And then, in the same breath, you have the cheek to speak about Arafats place of burial even before he is dead? Nabil Shath on Sky news yesterday criticised the questions about his place of burial because it is (and this may be news to you) DISRESPECTFUL to speak of Arafat’s burial openly in the press while he is still alive. You show even more vile treatment of one human being by another!

You should consider some facts.

Israel was not the only entity that reported that Arafat was dead. An AFP story reported via a French medical official that he was dead, before Israel even reported it. The link is here.

Also, it is candalous of you to state your misguided opinion of Arafat being born in Jerusalem as fact. Arafat has actually claimed before that he was born in Gaza (though he has also claimed to be born in Jerusalem). He was however, born in Cairo, which is in Egypt.

How dare you.

In a country which professes such tolerance and understanding it is disturbing to see such a popular newspaper act like George Bush and impose their bigoted and racist (see your praise for the whole Zionism = racism resolution) opinion on the public.

From a weblog which has criticized you:

Arafat hardly deserved much praise for this resolution. The resolution was sponsored by the following not so fantastic models of morality: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Cuba, Dahomey, Egypt, Guinea, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libyan Arab Republic,Mauritania, Morocco, North Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Yemen, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, and United Arab Emirates.

The resolution was passed in 1975, primarily as part of the Soviet-Arab cold war anti-Israel campaign. Almost all former non Arab supporters of the resolution have since apologised and changed their positions. The City Press joins very sad company in openly praising this embarrassing event. When the UN voted to repeal the resolution in 1991, only some Arab and Muslim states, Cuba, North Korea, and Vietnam were opposed, so it's strange that a well read newspaper in South Africa takes such a radial stance.


That's some good reading.

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