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October 27, 2004


Vaz Lube

You know, I've bought paperback ed. "The Case for Israel" book last weekend and started to read it.

I've added Oren's book to my books to buy list.


Fantastic x 2!

1. I didnt know Dershowitz was available in papaerback. That now means that it will be cheaper to buy the book for people. Just the other day I heard Vuyo Mbuli from SAFM thanking a Suliman for buying him a book on the M.E conflict. So I thought I should send him the Case for Israel to balance the views a bit as Im sure Sulimans book was...

2. Orens book is a great read. Believe me when I tell you, it is as neutral a book as you will ever find on this important war. There is no demonising of Israelis and no demonising of the Arabs. Oren brings the characters to life, and at times you almost feel sorry for people like Nasser.

Vaz Lube

Sending copies of Dershowitz book to local media, such as that SAFM's Vuyo Mbuli and others would be great idea.

Thankfully ZA government has not fallen into disinformation trap during Olmert's visit. Sending copies to COSTAU might be not a such a bad idea.


Yeah, so COSATU could add it to their bonfire!!!

No seriously, sending to COSATU is a great idea.

Do it!


The problem is, who at COSATU do I send it to? And I suspect that many of the people at the top of COSATU have a personal take on the M.E - i.e. many followers of Islam there.

Reggin Juice

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