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October 24, 2004



Nice article, it always annoys me immensely when people call the situation in Israel Apartheid. I mean, it was so bad that the entire Wikipedia article on Apartheid mentioned South Africa just once, the rest was all about Israel (though we fixed that). Glad to see some people at least have some sense in terms of this issue, but to see the Guardian run the column is a surprise.

You're also right about most S.Africans being ignorant about the fact that Arab Israelis are allowed to vote. In fact, it's even worse, most South Africans I know have the impression that Arab Israelis have little or no rights in Israel. It always shocks them when I tell them that under Israeli law, all citizens are equal in every way. It's sad that we have to spread the truth in this way, and that the media forces such garbage down the throats of this country's citizens.


Hi Impi,
"I mean, it was so bad that the entire Wikipedia article on Apartheid mentioned South Africa just once, the rest was all about Israel (though we fixed that)."

Well done!
Who is the we, and how did you guys correct this?


I have friends who served in elite units in the IDF [Shaldag et al] - and THEY refer to what's been happening in Israel as - "apartheid like" - my own opinion is mixed. I'm Jewish - and liberal I suppose - I don't condone everything that the IDF does, and I don't support what Hamas and Co. does either.

My solution is; give them their bloody country and be done with it. The USA is going to stand guard over Israel for a very long time. This is not giving in - it's giving some people a chunk of land and the opportunity to stop the fighting and get on with their lives. Enough of the killing.


Look your friends may not know exactly what apartheid is. That is not to say that no abuses take place, but calling it apartheid is absurd.

I have never said that Israel must not give them a state, in fact on the contrary, I was a supporter of Oslo and even after having been proven wrong, I now support Sharon and Olmert's disengagement plan.

Benjamin Pogrund is a leading Israeli liberal - very left of the Israeli political centre - and was a human rights advocate in apartheid South Africa. He was editor of one of the most liberal South African newspapers. I will take his word over yours.

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