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October 09, 2004



Shavua Tov Steve,

I know, I'm watching as type. Sobering viewing after just completing Yom Tov and Shabbat.



The tears are streaming now:

A father who lost his little girl is showing the smashed remains of her cell phone, and stuck on the phone a sticket in her writing that says "Asoor ledaber Lashon Horah".

For everyone who deosnt know, that is hebrew which means "It is forbidden to speak badly about others."


Is this a fair documentary CNN is showing? Or is it much of the same old diatribe from CNN that the palestinian monsters are the victims and the Israelis deserve every bombing they receive?


Hi Rob,
It was a very good documentary and totally veered off any politickinh. It just showed the damage terrorism does to the families and friends involved. It showed how the lives of the survivors are changed forever and how impossible it is for all of the survivors to ever live a "normal" life again. It highlighted just how much shrapnel the vile creatures place in the bombs, and just how innocent the victims really are.

But there was no mention of anything political - in fact the word Palestinian wasnt raised. And I dont even mind that.

When the Palestinian side gets shown it is always filled with outrageous accusations about Israelis, and the Israelis are always demonised. This show wasnt like that. No-one was demonised. It was all about the impact terror has on ordinary people's lives.

I am glad it was shown the way it was. And I agree with Jodi, it was very sad.

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