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October 20, 2004



"hate monger." Good lord, that's just ridiculous. It's a shame the COSATU sides with a genocidal group of people (palestinians) against a peaceful, democratic group of people (Israelis).

It wouldn't suprise me if COSATU sided with the Hutus during the Rwanda genocide.

Harry FM

These responses are a tribute to the effectiveness of the anti-Semitic campaign which is orchestrated through the ever receptive media in SA. The promoters of this misinformation and hate are seen as legitimate sources, and include very many goverment officials. Can you actually expect them to be saying anything else? Take comfort in the fact that they too will be judged by history, and will be found wanting.


They are Commies.

They don't mind when Mugabe visits us.


I don't agree with many of Sharon's policies, and it's terrible and sad how the Middle East situation has snowballed into what it is today, anyway don't have time to go into my thoughts on this in detail. The point that I wanted to make is that it's quite supernatural how much media coverage the pro-Palestinian lobby have managed to get over this Olmert visit when it looked on the news like there were only about 10 measly protesters standing around.


I remember when Barak visited here and there were massive protests at JCE. Bottles were thrown into the crowd who came to hear him speak. It was terrible. Young Muslims were pushing the visitors cars and covering the windsheilds with big Palestinian flags. It was out of hand and that doesnt help.

Two years ago I think it was. It was when Salim Vally got arrested...anyone remember?

(Was it Barak or Peres? Either way, both have done their best to offer the Palestinian the maximum possible)

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