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September 14, 2004


Came across this post and there are some interesting things which in light of your post are on topic with regard to SA being an "honest broker" in the Israeli/Pali conflict.
"New South African Ambassador to Israel"

"It receives no credit for its unique contribution during the apartheid years in providing intensive programs for training Blacks in leadership skills to use in a future new democratic South Africa. Of necessity these Community Development and Leadership programs under the auspices of the Histadrut. were held covertly so as avoid the attentions of the apartheid government. Some two dozen graduates went on to become mayors of cities such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Randburg, George, Grahamstown and Port Alfred. Hundreds of members of local government councils and at least twenty members of parliament and ministers of provincial councils passed through Beit Berl at some time."

There are other points made which should be part of the general discussion but somehow are never acknowledged.


Many thanks for the link. I will be sure to post the link on the main site after Rosh Hashanah.

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