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September 15, 2004



Ridiculous. Freedom-hating at its finest.

Susan Leach

And you people wonder why the rest of the world hates us. Get over it and stop doing this crap. How on earth does this advance a positive image of the US? Oh, I forgot, you don't want the US to have a positive image, we are the evil of the world. GET REAL!


What a rubbish. Imagine what the cartoon is if the US did decide to blow away every "Towelhead".

Geoff Goedde

As an American, I am disgusted with this cartoon. Obviously, your editors, staff and cartoonists have never actually been challenged to make a life or death decision.

This pap is evidence of suicidal tendencies: moral, intellectual and physical. May your readers realize this and remove their subsidy from your lives.


Thanks for the letters sent to M&G. I will monitor and inform if your letters were published.

Great cartoon, but i think it should have images of those towelheads being crushed by the F team

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