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August 06, 2004



The idiotarians will claim that this outrage is designed to deflect attention from the passport scandal, where "Mossad agents" were caught trying to steal New Zealand passports.

Anti-semitism is a disgusting relic that should have died a long time ago. I weep for my seven year-old daughter, who has to grow up in a world where this happens.


The following comment has also been posted on Silent Running

After the first attack I noticed that one of the broken headstones was from the grave of a child who died about 100 years ago at the age of three. This is a powerful indication of the kind of people (and I use the term in the loosest possible sense) we are dealing with here.

I found the following article in the 30/07/04 paper edition of the Jerusalem Post:


PARIS - Two skinheads were arrested Thursday in Bar de Luc in eastern France in connection with the desecration of a monument in memory of the Jewish soldiers who were killed in action during World War 1. The monument near Verdun was defaced in May with huge swastikas.

The two youths, who were not named, "are young people with little brains who acted more out of stupidity rather than out of real conviction," said Amaury Lacote, deputy state prosecutor of the Verdun area. This position was not shared by the Ministry of Justice, which wants the two sued for "defacing monument in concerted action," an offence punishable by a five-year sentence and a euro 75,000 fine.
Michel Zlotowski

I've typed the article out here because I couldn't find it or any follow-up anywhere on the net. Strange, I would have thought this was real news since these arrests are so rare.

But the point here, of course, is that France, of all nations, seems to be putting New Zealand to shame in its response to this particular instance of anti-Semitism - even though the French authorities don't seem to be able to call it by its name.

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