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August 25, 2004



Outrageous. To be fair...the only reason why Palestinians dont support the Jewish side so openly is because Jews dont issue Fatwas.


Sadly people seem to have completely forgotten the reason for the establishment of the state of Israel in the first place, and people also seem to have forgotton that Jews have as much claim to the land and heritage there as the Palestinians. This is an important point that has become completely lost and needs to be raised.

But what is the solution?


Hey Bronwyn, thanks for stopping by :)
To me the worst part of it is that the over zealous anti-Israel protagonists make it more difficult for me to sympathise with the Palestinians. By taking a side and supporting it so blindly - they only further polarise the Israelis and the Palestinians and make the situation worse.

On SAFM yesterday, the guy standing in for Vuyo Mbuli called it a beatiful thing to see Jewish and Muslims marching together. But what was beautiful? They were all supporting one side and condemning the other! To call it beautiful is to blatantly say that Israel is indeed all evil and the Palestinians pure. That is a problem. Had they marched together and voiced neutral ideas and condemned both sides equally...then maybe SAFm could have called it beautiful.

But just because its Jews marching with Muslims it is called beautiful - never mind what they are marching for.

Being Jewish does not make a persons opinion of the conflict more or less important! I think that support of Israel has alot more to do with being conservative or being a lebertarian than with being Jewish.




The sheer naivety of these people scares me. Jewish Voices do not speak for the SA Jews. Rubbish people.


Who do these people think they are. Marching with people whose ideological breathren would commit the most grievous of attacks against fellow Jews.

Jewish Voices should know one thing. Despite their contemporary views they would nevertheless still have been gassed by hitler.

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