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August 01, 2004



There was a Newsletter distributed in Pretoria 2 months ago from a muslim radio station in Laudium also full of lies about the Holocaust?


I thought the so-called "Palestinian people" are really Jordanians. There is no such thing as the Palstinian people.


Are you perhaps taking something you have read and making a stupid generalisation that all Israeli supporters stand by what you read? Are you putting everyone in the same box and then making "stereotypical" accusations? Its a trait typical of someone who is ...not necessarily, but commonly...RACIST.

Have I ever claimed that there "are no Palestinian people" on my Blog?

Shame you seem really upset that you have resorted to semantics (I said semantics...not anti-semitics!) to avoid the actual content of the post.

Egypt are openly denying the mass murdering of 6 million Jews. You dont mind that?

And play your semantics game Edward...but Hajj Amin Al Husseini - Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was big buddies with hitler, and he wanted to expand the Final Solution to Palestine - ridding the land of all Jews.

All this, and you just play on semantics. If you are upset by the "there are no Palestinian people" thing, then go argue about it with someone who actually says it! What nerve you have.

{Btw.... Jordan is a Hashemite kingdom with a HUGE (third of the population) Palestinian population. Palestinians are not Jordanians. Other way around maybe (in that there are so many Palestinians living in Jordan and that Trans-Jordan was the first state created from the Palestine Mandate.) Not to take any form of sovereignty away from Jordan or infer the love of Palestinians on them. Their relations with Palestinians have a tumultuous history. A Palestinian assassinated Jordan's king in 1951, and two decades later Jordan fought a war against Yasser Arafat and his Palestine Liberation Organization. In recent times the government has steadily moved to "Jordanize" jobs in the army and other sensitive areas like state radio and television and the Interior Ministry.}


I think you saw sarcasm where none existed.

I honestly believe that the "Palestinians" are a fictional group whose claim to Israel is very recent. Speaking to Israelis online really allowed me to understand the facts for myself.


Oh brother...craziness. How do you then explain the Golden Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa mosque etc...?

Steve seems I am a bit defensive...apologies. Thought you were being sarcastic.

I dont intend to get into the debate about whether Palestinian people exist. (Post was on Holocaust denial.)

For all intents and purposes they exist today. But that's not to say that they are indiginous to the land. I dont buy into the theory that they are really the Biblical Canaanites.


Steve, I totally understand your reaction, and no offense was taken. We must do our best to avoid friendly fire incidents, but it is difficult with all the morlocks about.

"Dilbert", visit to learn the truth about Israel and the Islamofascist threat that confronts civilization. You might realize that defending Israel is more than "craziness". The hyperlink to Little Green Footballs is on the blogroll.


Lizardoids Unite!

LGF fan


You have been banned from commenting any further on this site.

Thank you...and do have a good day!

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